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"Party Cakes" Pricing Information...

There really is no way to have a "standard set price list" when it comes to custom cakes. We try to make sure we have an option for just about every budget there is. Every cake varies in the amount of work involved to create it. Obviously the more work involved, the higher the cost will be.


Tier cakes are the definitely the most impressive, however they are also the most expensive option.


If you are looking for a cake that is a little "fancier" than a sheet cake, and a little less costly than a tier cake, then a standard round cake would be right for you. They are priced right in the middle of the two.


If you are on a tighter budget, and are just looking for something basic, a sheet cake would be the least expensive option. I think there is a big misconception, that sheet cakes are just not that impressive...well, that is not true! You can still make a statement using a sheet cake, and you'll probably cut your cost in at least half.


Below I have given you a basic "pricing guide" below, to help you better choose, what size cake might best fit your needs and your budget. BASE PRICE means, this is basicially the starting price point...a basic sheet cake with frosting flowers, mulitple colors, boarders and writing. Adding fillings, specific themes, fondant characters, edible pictures and so on will increase the cost. 

Please use this as a guide only, and remember, each design will be different.

 ***Fondant decor/ molded characters / specific personalized themes, etc. may be an additional charge***




   1/4 SHEET CAKE  serves 12-15 people    BASE PRICE.... $50 / $55 filled   

1/2 SHEET CAKE   serves 30-35 people  BASE PRICE.... $60 / $65 filled

FULL SHEET CAKE serves 65-70 people  BASE PRICE... $140 / $155 filled





                  6" serves 8           BASE PRICE... $26 plain / $30 filled

                  8" serves 15          BASE PRICE... $50 plain / $55 filled

                 10" serves 25         BASE PRICE... $70 plain / $75 filled

                 12" serves 40         BASE PRICE... $95 plain / $100 filled

                 14" serves 50         BASE PRICE... $125 plain / $135 filled

                 16" serves 70         BASE PRICE... $175 plain / $185 filled





10" x 6" serves 35 (double layer) $155 plain / $165 filled

10" x 8" serves 45 (double layer) $180 plain / $190 filled

12" x 8" serves 60 (double layer) $240 plain / $150 filled




Beer cans, Baby bump belly cakes, Pill bottles, Animal cakes, Boob cakes, etc.

Base price starts at $6.00 per serving

(with a 20 person minimum)



Standard size plain iced $28/dozen

Standard size filled $30/ dozen each

Standard size themed/fondant topped $36/dozen and up



$15 for single layer 6" funfetti cake with colored icing,

sprinkles and writing. "Themed" are additional.

*Fondant decor/characters/themes, etc. would be an additional charge







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